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android Where are Offline Notebooks Stored? Disabling Doesn't Free up Space?

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I didn't realize this had to be done at the device/app manager level, I thought that was just for cache - whoops. It's been a while since I had a mobile device, sorry. I sure hope I don't have to sync all the headers and such from scratch after clearing this just to get rid off my offline notebooks. : /





Aww, HELL no......... 



Is this really the only way to remove offline notebooks?  When selecting notebooks to save offline, it doesn't even say how much space they take up (in my Evernote usage, the amount of notes in a notebook isn't indicative of how much space they will take up), so I have to do it by trial and error). Why doesn't "Disable Offline Notebook" remove the data without having to set up the whole app from scratch via app manager? 


I thought it'd be nice to use my premium account for offline access for my trip, but so far I've crippled the phone by bringing it down to 200 MB, froze the phone requiring battery removal when wiping Evernote's app data from the App Manager, and now I'm watching my headers and "snippets" trickle back in like day one.


Not something I anticipated with a premium productivity app. If I knew that, I would've waited til I cross referenced with the desktop version's individual notebook size info, and settled for sneaking on and off of my data allowance if I wanted to read something until I'm off the road.

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Hi - Sympathies if you've been fighting Android.  Droid phones are,  in my recent experience,  a little picky when it comes to storing large amounts of data.  I have a specific offline notebook which is a (very small) subset of my overall database,  and move travel and accommodation information into and out of it as necessary.  Any general searches I do when on wi-fi or my desktop.  Normal syncing takes care of the housekeeping,  and I have an app that looks at storage usage so I can uninstall something if I need to.

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