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list view, card view, snippet view

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List view usually meets my needs for navigating across many notes.  


However Snippet view and Card view are still intriguing.  These suggest navigation by recognizing graphical patterns instead of textual patterns.


Ways I have added graphical patterns to my notes include:

  • changing the font or its color
  • indenting a list or bulleting it
  • drawing separator lines

Ways I have not added graphical patterns include

  • inserting 'visual signage' , for example clip art, icons or avatars.

If you have suggestions about inserting 'visual cues' in notes, please share. 




Alpha-Numeric Guy



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Hi Theozt,


I think the only thing that remains to be done is dropping images into your notes to see how they turn out in Card and Snippet view. Then you can take it from there. Also interesting to tinker with is web clippings. If you've been clipping from the web via the web clipper or mobile device equivalent, you'll no doubt get these visual cues you're asking about. It'll be hard to miss.


My default view is usually Snippet view, since it gives me not too much and not too little. I haven't quite warmed to list view yet. 


You might want to play around with dropping thumbnail images into your notes from Google images... or from "The Noun Project". 

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