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Pictures Don´t Load



Hi, everyone


Pictures do not load after Evernote Update.




Evernote on iPhone (latest OSX, Evernote not updated), Evernote on iPad (not latest OSX, Evernote not updated), Evernote on iMac (MountainLion, Evernote not updated) and Evernote on MacBookPro (Mavericks, Evernote Latest version).


I used to have Premium but have not refreshed it so far, so now I have a standard account.


When I open notes that have been created on one of the other devices, on the MacBookPro with the updated Evernote,  the pictures in the notes start to load, I do see them distorted during the download procedure, but after about a third they stop loading and I get a little blue box with a questionmark inside, instead of the photo.


As I use Evernote mainly as an exchange platform for my drawing references, this is unacceptable. I was about to extend to Premium again, but under these circumstances, I would pay for a product that does not work for me anymore. I don´t need all the networking, presentation and community-stuff and I use about half of the granted free maximum per month. Also, my pictures are not that large. 

Of course I will NOT update Evernote on all the other devices, until this is cleared. Also, I will definitely NOT update all my systems to the latest MacOSs, that are continuously made worse by order of that Ex-Microsoft-CO.


Any suggestions?

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Uh, is it possible, that your server is simply too slow to load pictures at the moment? Too much traffic? Because the pic (700KB)  loads fine in the browser-version and when I tried to create a new note with the updated Evernote on my Macbook and tried to view the note on my iPhone, I had to reload the picture eight times; the seven times before I got a message "time out on server connection"...

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