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Evernote for Mac 6.0.5 Released (App Store and Download)



We released Evernote for Mac 6.0.5 today.  This is a pretty big update from 6.0.3 and the primary goal is to fix issues.  A big reason some are seeing instability is because we rewrote a lot of the guts of the app to speed and improve reliability of sync and to build a modern foundation for better note editing.  We're working as quickly as we can to work through issues.  Our plan is to continue to focus on stability for the next few months.  6.0.5 has been released on both the Mac App Store and for download customers. 


Bug fixes and other improvements:

  • Fix for note content not displaying or taking a long time to display (blank notes).  We think we've found every way this could occur but please let us know if you're still seeing it in this release.
  • Performance fix where typing speed would get really slow.  This would only affect customers that have multiple accounts and switch between them.
  • The top sync and crashing issues.

We have also brought back a few things that forum customers have requested:

  • Local files can now be opened directly.  We originally removed it because of security concerns.  Now we pop up a security message first.
  • Present using multiple-notes.
Some feature improvements:
  • Export presentation as a PDF.
  • Added the ability to link Gmail contacts in Work Chat.
  • Added ability to block Work Chat contacts.
What happened to 6.0.4?
6.0.4 was supposed to be our Mac App Store release but we found an issue and pulled it and resubmitted 6.0.5.
You can download the new version from our website at https://evernote.com/download/ or if you're a direct download customer you can always go to Preferences > Software Update > Check for Updates Now.  
As always, let us know if you find any major issues in this release.
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I upgraded to Yosemite and Evernote 6.0.5 and now I want to cry my eyes out every time I see that dang beach ball.  Note that I want to cry because I depend on Evernote for so much at work and in my personal life, so I really feel the pain of its current sub-optimal performance.


As a Product Manager myself, my mantra is never point out a problem without at least attempting to suggest a solution.  So here goes.  Apologies in advance if what I'm about to suggest makes no sense at all.  I have a technical background, but I'm speaking about something I don't have direct experience with.


If re-indexing causes performance problems upon fresh install or upgrade, why not bootstrap the index ahead of time?  A given user's data is not just stored locally - it's stored on the Evernote servers (and powers the online client experience).  Unless the index itself is OS or machine-specific, couldn't you create the index ahead of time and then download the index upon native client install or upgrade?


Some other thoughts:

  • I realize the online experience might rely on giant tables filled with everyone's notes (and thus a giant index that can't be used as a bootstrap index).  Still - all of the user's content is online, and a bootstrap index in theory could be created.
  • I'd imagine creating bootstrapped indexes on Evernote servers is much faster than having each client do it.  It can run on separate server instances, overnight, etc.
  • Cost might be an issue - I get it is cheaper to have a distributed set of client computers each calculate their respective note index vs. centralizing it within Evernote and running it on Evernote-funded servers.  But in the name of a great customer experience, you could prioritize which indexes you bootstrap (e.g. perhaps only users with X amount of notes or more, and/or users who log in frequently enough and thus more likely to feel the pain of poor performance, etc.).  You could also treat this as a feature add for Premium users (i.e. Premium users get "priority indexing" or something like that).
  • Something even simpler - have an icon show whenever indexing is going on (maybe even allow users to pause indexing).  Right now, Evernote seems so dang slow.  If I at least knew it was because an indexing operation was running (whether or not I have control over it), just that knowledge helps me attribute a cause to my slow performance.


Well there you go.  Hope that helps!  Looking forward to 6.0.6 and the end of beach balls while making simple edits to my notes!

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For example i use EN as todo list where i have recurring items and inspirational quotes in my todo list for inspiration

that i want to see but that arent really tasks so they shouldnt be counted.

I also like to look at my tags ( functioning as task categories ) and use the number count to see how many notes ( aka tasks) I have.


When I have inspiration quotes or recurring items in their it makes the number of notes  be higher than it really is.

Not sure if this would work for you, but perhaps tag the to-dos with do.t and the quotes with do.q. To see them mixed together, you'd use a saved search for tag:do.*, but for the count you'd look at the tag do.t.

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Man man.


Its frustrating, I am using the stickies app for simplicity and im frustrated that i cant sync notes yet.


Yes I am in the right forum..... Which brings me back to evernote.

Why wont I use evernote? i wish it could be simple like stickies app sometimes.

sometimes you dont want to see your tags and notebooks and you just want the app to be a note.

And sometimes you dont want to make a new entry for each thought, sometimes you may want

to add to the same one file.


and that leads me to my next brainstorm  :excl:  :excl:  :excl:  :excl:  :excl:


If the evernote team, combines presentation software/chat  ( two loosely related ) software programs into evernote.




Then is it too much to ask for miniature mode of evernote that functions exactly like sticky.


Kind of like the way ITUNES has a miniature version of its player.

This is what I mean on improving the core purpose of the app.


If it sounds like im being sarcastic im not, im just being honest.


There are so many ways to literally take over the industry. 


Have a good one.



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I'm not looking to quickly add a note. I'm probably not being clear if thats all you got. 


I said a "miniature mode that functions exactly like the stickies app"  which is quite a bit more than that.


Attached is what it would look like, the ability for evernote to be reduced to just notes on the screen ( simplicity )

no access to note books and tags, just notes everywhere.


To me if evernote was going to have different programs chat / powerpoint alll in one.. it would have been cool if there was a stripped down version of itself.


To take the stickies market away from apple..




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No, I posted that earlier. A miniature version of the app that looks exactly like the screenshot i posted.


What's being misunderstood is that I am not looking for an Evernote workaround to what stickies do.

I'm suggesting to EN build an app that functions and looks exactly like stickies.

Because, once you add the ability to sync..... Even more people would come over to Evernote from Stickies.


Sync would be the clear differentiator.


BTW regarding your suggestion above when you add a note via toolbar it opens evernote but i just want to stay in whatever i'm doing.


Anyway my rationale for Evernote to create this because they added major functionality with the presentation and work chat functions.

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What's the difference between a new blank sticky note and a new blank Evernote in its own window?

Where's the value in supporting multiple apps? Unless there is a big change in functionality then it just seems like this would add development, back office and support overhead.

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I'm not sure just how big the demand is for Stickies, but for those that like to use them, one easy workaround is to paste a link to the EN Note of interest in the Sticky Note.  I just tried it and it works well.  There is an AppleScript available that will create a HTML style link with the Title of the EN Note with a link to the local EN Note.

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