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Can I limit a tag search to tags?


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The search string tag:.rtw-*insurance returns notes with matching tags and notes without matching tags but that contain the word "insurance."


Can such a search be limited to return only notes with matching tags?


Dave Yuhas

Pacifica, CA

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Yes, a search can be done with just a tag.



The wildcard can only be used at the end. tag:rtw-insurance*


It cannot be used in the middle. tag:rtw-*insurance

It cannot be used in the beginning. tag:*rtw-insurance


Also in the example you provided there is a period in the search "tag:.rtw" which is not allowed.

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In addition:


The Windows client doesn't really understand that search the way that you think it does. When it sees the wildcard, it stops the current tag expression, and starts all over with whatever follows. So you actually wind up with a search that looks like this: tag:.rtw-* insurance


In other words, this is a search for all notes containing words starting with "insurance" and tagged with ".rtw*". You'll see what Evernote is thinking if you have the Search Explanation open (View / Show Search Explanation)


The tag ".rtw" does appear to work on the Windows client. We may have the GTD fans to thank for this. Other clients may differ,

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