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Suggestion: Add Strikethrough as format menu button

Steve V


I use Evernote for todo lists and having to right-click -> format -> strikethrough to mark an item completed is a pain.


A lot of apps have Strikethrough as a basic format button for this reason.  I think this would be very helpful for Evernote as I'm sure many people use it for todo lists as I do.


Alternatively, make the format menu bar customizable.  If it is, I couldn't figure out how.


Thanks everyone!!



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Yes, please. I recently migrated from Windows to Mac and would love a customizable toolbar and the strikethrough button as well. I am really surprised that Mac versions would have LESS quick access to functionality in this regard than the windows client.

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I totally agree, I hate that the clients are so different on the different platforms. I understand that the user interfaces on different platforms must be different as a result of the different screen sizes and input methods. However, I don't understand why the format toolbars cannot contain the same entries ordered in the same way if space is not a limitation. I am working on iOS, Mac and the Web Client and I really hate the inconsistencies.

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Thanks for this feedback.  We probably won't make the formatting toolbar customizable anytime soon but we are looking at redoing the buttons that appear in the toolbar.  We made one attempt at a change this Summer but backed off because the design didn't meet Tag user's needs. Still looking at different options.  it's great to see this kind of feedback in the forums and it definitely influences are thinking.  

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