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The new presentation mode

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I use Evernote everyday in multiple devices and often develop slide presentations from my notes directly in Evernote. I use to love the former version to create presentations, which allowed you to create separate notes to structure your slide show and, in presentation mode, flow from one slide to the next. Each note was a separate slide in the globale presentation. This was very handy and practical, especially when building large presentations.


I see a problem with the new presentation mode, which forces you to create all of your presentation's content into one single note (instead of multiple notes). By doing this, the Product designers at Evernote have introduced a flawed use case for building presentations. You cannot flow anymore from one note to the next in presentation mode. Instead, all of your content has to be created in one single note, which becomes a long scrolling document which is very tedious to work form.


This is clearly a step back for me and has become a deterrent in using Evernote.


I strongly encourage the design team to consider putting the former functionality back into the product, which enabled you to move from one note to the next in presentation mode.


Thanks for considering my feedback.



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Hi Patrick,

If I'm not mistaken, I think this is the case on the new Mac release. It didn't make sense to me either... and an Evernote employee on another thread mentioned that it will be fixed in due course. It seems this was done on purpose, and their advice was to create a TOC (Table of contents) note where one could follow the individual note links in presentation mode. Thank goodness that imposed flaw did not flow over into the other clients. 



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Thanks for your feedback. I tried the TOC and it works. But it doesn't resolve the fact that you are forced to work in a long scrolling document. This to me removes a clear benefit that Evernote has to offer: ease of use and flexibility. I am surprised that a design team that has consistently churned great functionalities in the past, considered such a flawed use case. 

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