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Search in evernote touch -Windows RT


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    I've recently bought a Surface 2 tablet and the first software that I've installed was Evernote. Huge disappointment compared to Android and iOs!!


    But what I need help with is the search function.....I can't find it .  There is a search function after swiping from right but it can't be it because it's useless and I mean it finds nothing!

Maybe I'm doing something wrong..


   Any help would be much appreciated,



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Can't comment on the quality of the app - I don't use it:  but here's Evernote's Touch help - https://evernote.com/evernote/guide/windows8/#7


Which in part says - 


To search your Evernote account, do the following:
  1. Swipe from the right edge of the screen toward the center of the screen to open the Windows 8 Charm Bar
  2. Tap Search at the top of the Charm Bar
  3. Tap the search field and enter keywords, tags, locations and more. You can search for just about any information contained in your notes
  4. Tap the Search icon. Your search results will be displayed in the Note List
PDF Search (Evernote Premium Feature)
Evernote Premium and Evernote Business subscribers may also search for typed and handwritten text inside attached scanned PDFs.
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Well this is exactly what I did already as stated in my previous post. Also I'm a long time premium user and I was aware that the search is premium feature in Evernote touch.

Still thanks Gazumped for your reply .


In the mean time I got my answer from Evernote support as well and it turns out that it's a known bug and they are working to fix it.


The weird part is that it seems that no one has reported this here till now. And this is weird because the search part is...like the or one of the best features in EN. So I guess that a lot of people that have never used the other mobile versions don't know what to expect and this is sad.


A long time ago I was trying here ,on this forum,to get EN to not stop the development of the Symbian version . And now I have some sort of déjà vu but this time its not about a dying OS but one that has plenty of users and there still  is a huuge gap between EN touch and the Android/iOs. And that's a shame.

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