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Document vanished





I have the following problem using Evernote 6 on Mac and IOS:


December 14th I created a new document. This event I can see in the activity log of evernote:


2014/12/14 11:34:51:197 I|*   __88-[ENSyncEngine(Notes) updateServerNoteFromLocalNoteWithID:resourceFileMap:attemptRetry:]_block_invoke1222  |   adding note 'HereIsTheNameOfTheVanishedDocument' to server


Later on I can read in the log a lot of updating note entries.


Today I reopened evernote and the document is vanished. Having a look at the activity log I find an entry concerning my document:



2014/12/16 11:09:19:065 I|*   -[ENCommonEditorWebView updateViewFromNoteContent] main | loading note content, dirty=0 usn=1601 53da9901-18b1-403b-8155-4f0c051005ca/p214 'HereIsTheNameOfTheVanishedDocument'

2014/12/16 11:09:19:445 I|*   -[ENCommonEditorWebView updateViewFromNoteContent] main | Skipping reload of identical HTML: 53da9901-18b1-403b-8155-4f0c051005ca/p214 'HereIsTheNameOfTheVanishedDocument'
2014/12/16 11:09:26:039 I|*   __88-[ENSyncEngine(Notes) updateServerNoteFromLocalNoteWithID:resourceFileMap:attemptRetry:]_block_invoke1222  |   updating note 'HereIsTheNameOfTheVanishedDocument' [guid: 53da9901-18b1-403b-8155-4f0c051005ca] on server
So the document "HereIsTheNameOfTheVanishedDocument" is still known on server side, but in the evernote frontends it is still missing. I looked for it on my iOS-Device and on a 2nd Mac as well with the same result.
Any idea what I can do now?
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I searched for the exact title as well as some words in the document but the result list is always empty or doesn't show the note I'm missing.


Curiously my most recent documents are from november 2014 - no notes from this month are shown.

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