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How Do I Delete a Line in a List?

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I have several notes in Evernote that I use as lists for packing purposes whenever I go on a trip; to help me remember what to pack in my carry-on, in my checked bag, for my toddler, and things I need to do in the house before we leave. It's handy to re-use these lists each time since most of the items remain the same. However, a few things change--when I traveled in the summer I added swimsuits and sunscreen, for example, and now I don't need those. However, if I delete the line item, the blank line is still there and I can't find any way to delete it. I use check boxes, and I've tried changing the line to bullet points, numbered, blank, etc, to be able to delete the line entirely, with no luck. I can replace the item with something else, but otherwise my only choice is to manually type in (or copy/paste) items from lower on the list up into the blank spaces. This seems kind of ridiculous and there MUST be a way to delete a line, right? Help?

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The Android editor will allow you to select a line, I believe. Then you can just backspace over the selection, deleting the line.


I'd suggest that you use consider using checkboxes for this usage. If you use the same list over and over, you can set one up as a template note, and then copy/duplicate it as you need. 

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Unfortunately, no, that did not work. Take a look at what happens when I try to delete "Apples" from the list (image series attached).

It's not only that you cannot delete the line, the rendering of the empty line is also buggy afterwards (different in viewer and editor).

This is Evernote on Android, version 7.0.2.






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I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and promptly installed Evernote. I've used Evernote for years on Windows, Android phones, and iPad, but this is my first Android tablet.

What works on all these platforms, but does not work on the tablet, is to backspace over the end-of-line from the initial position of a list line or from the initial position of a line following a list line. This failure occurs for checklist lines, bulleted list lines, and for numbered list lines.

Being clever, I change the lines to no longer be list lines. NO! It remembers that it was previously a list line and continues to behave in this way as if it were a list line!

So, I try selecting across 2 lines and deleting the selection. NO! It will not allow a selection to move across lines for any line that has ever previously been a list line!

So, what I do is delete the entire note and start again. I can't even save much of my note in the clipboard first, since I can select only a line at a time.

What is also very frustrating as a long-term Evernote user is that I've had (more or less) this same experience myself and read of others having it in years passed on one platform or another, and I believe the solution was to wait for the next release on that platform for it to be fixed. So, if my recollection is correct, this is a bug that creeps into the code on one platform or another from time to time and has to be stamped out again each time, like a cockroach. This kind of thing has always been my primary objection to Evernote and had me always leaning away from it, but I stay, because no one else ever really supplants Evernote, though they keep asking for it with stuff like this.

So, what's TODAY's solution for this bug on at least THIS Samsung tablet on THIS release of Android (5.1.1)?

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Update: The bug disappears once the note is saved. That is, after I close a note and reopen it, the notion of what lines were previously list lines is reset. This is a much better workaround than deleting the note and starting over, but it still creates a fresh, new problem as soon as I decide to clear yet another line.

So, it's still a bug, and it is very inconvenient to exit and reenter every time I want to combine two lines or eliminate a line, so should I expect it to be fixed?

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Nice catch! I see how the numbering isn't corrected immediately after the line is deleted but it is corrected after saving the note. I've reported this to the team so they can investigate. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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