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Pro's and Con's for Evernote on Mac - App Store version or Web download version?



Hi folks,


I am new to Evernote.  I have found that there are sometimes differences between the Apple App Store version of software and the web download.  What are the benefits of one over the other (the Apple App Store version versus the Evernote web download version) ?  Are there any missing features or limitations in the App Store version?




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The App Store has an approval process which takes a little while - a matter of days - to run through.  Evernote,  particularly when releasing a new version,  tend to run through updates pretty quickly (Mac have had 5 so far this month...) so during that sort of process,  the App Store version might be 6.0.1 where the Evernote.com version would be 6.0.2.


The most important thing to be aware of is that the different versions store their database in different places (due to an Apple requirement) so switching over from one to the other is not something you want to do often..


Other than these two considerations though,  Evernote is the same,  wherever you find it.

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