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Outlining within a note

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I would like a better outlining, not for notebooks and notes as with Tusk Tools Outliner (is there something similar for Mac-User?) but for the lines of each note. Of course I may indent lines and give them checkboxes (not very comfortable) but I need a list handling way like Circus Ponies NoteBook or OmniOutliner offer, where I can create a hierarchy and take an item, drag it around and drop it between other items.


May I expect such a functionality in the near future appearing within Evernote? Or is there a tool around (for Mac) that may enhance Evernote with this?

Thank you.

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Already suggested lots of times in the Forum,  but no visible movement from Evernote (yet).  Future plans aren't shared so no way to tell when or if it will be included.  Outliner of choice (well mine,  anyway) is Workflowy - online service but output can be pasted into Evernote.

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Yes, I know Workflowy as well. But as far as I know Workflowy lists may not be changed in any way from within Evernote. I have to make changes in Workflowy, export the list and paste it into Evernote again. That's not the solution I'm dreaming of.  ;)

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