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nervous paperless newbie


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Hi been playing with Evernote for a few months and really like it. Although I currently have a premium account for a year courtesy of my mobile supplier. Don't think I could justify another subscription service on a limited budget.

I've just started using a doxie scanner and would ideally like to use with Evernote but I'm struggling a little with workflow. Currently I

1 scan the document(s)

2 connect scanner to PC via USB to view/rename in doxie app

3 send to Evernote

4 file in Evernote

I have a Wi-Fi card for scanner but doxie says that scans done that way cannot be searchable PDFs?

Am I missing something obvious?

Also once scanned and uploaded how do I manage/reconcile electronic copies with paper. There are some scans that for various reasons I also need to keep paper copies of. I'm scanning these so I have easier access from multiple locations. There are others that I'm nervous to shred in case for some reason I can't access e copies.

On well think that's quite enough for my first post. Nice to meet use all.

Btw resources mix of windows/android. Use to be quite a Mac advocate though could never justify UK prices. Now been usin DOS/window's so long difficult to break ties after 30 something years lol


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Hi.  I'm not a Doxie user so can't really comment on why wifi scans might not be searchable,  but even if the scanner doesn't OCR them,  Evernote will do so* provided the files are <100 pages / 25MB in size and don't contain any text characters.  You could always try a test scan of a couple of documents by wifi and rescan them the normal way too,  just in case it doesn't work.  If a search for the document gives you two hits,  you know it's safe to continue with wifi scanning.  Give it a day before you search though - server OCR's take hours to complete given the volumes.


* There's a possibility this won't work because Evernote show PDF OCR's as being a premium-only service.  I'm not sure this is correct,  but it's worth a try...


Not sure what you have in mind in terms of reconciling paper copies - I file my physical documents in a folder in case of need,  but short of presenting the originals as evidence or something,  I work from the electronic copies.  I use a coloured sticker on the documents that will be filed away so I know to look for them if necessary.


There's lots on filing systems,  naming and tagging in the forums here if you need it - I'm an advocate of the "lazy" school of documentation;  all I do is use a fairly long title of yyyymmdd - type - source - comments where

date     - the date of the document (which may not be the same as the date of scanning/ note creation)

type     - what is this - letter / statement / bill / receipt / user guide

source - the name of the author/ sender

comments - anything which might be relevant: 'bought a lamp' / 'new bank T&C's' etc


Then if necessary I can do an intitle: search for "intitle:201411 intitle:bill" to get all my November bills together.  Forinstance.

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