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What happened to the "Evernote Century" program?

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In March 2011, Phil Libin published Evernote's Three Laws of Data Protection. Great idea and promise.

I know that I can export my data.


18 months later Evernote asked for user assistance on their "Evernote Century" program. The "Evernote Century" program was a way of keeping your data safe for 100 years. "This involves setting up a protected fund that, in the event of Evernote being taken over or shut down, will pay to maintain its data banks."


This forum discussion on the "Evernote Century" program requesting 10 participants was locked.


Evernote has received millions of dollars from venture capital funds.

(as of last year, $250 million from 5 funding rounds)


I have not seen anything more about the "Evernote Century" program.

Did Evernote create the 100 year protected fund? 
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