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Daniel Allen Woodrow

Tip for improved Firefox <--> Evernote integration - move tabs between FF and EN.

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Like many people, I find myself opening zillions of tabs every time I do a new research project. Then I don't know what to do with them, and they clog up and slow down my browser for days at a time.


There are many good solutions out there, like Session Manager, TooManyTabs, etc, but I prefer to keep everything in Evernote. What would be super-awesome would be a way to use the clipper to copy every tab URL in my current window to an Evernote note.


Until that feature is introduced, I have come up with a pretty decent work-around:



1. Send Tab URLs.
This addon allows a list of open tabs, including titles and URLs, to be sent to the clipboard. Just go to Firefox's File menu to find the first step, choosing "Send Tab URLs" and then choosing the clipboard as your destination. After that, they can be pasted into a note. (If you have the Windows Evernote app running, you can simply do a Ctrl-Alt-v to paste to a new note.)
Bonus: Send Tab URLs also saves the titles of the tabs.

2. Multi-Link Paste and Go


When I want to get a collection of URLs out of a note and back into the browser, I use this extension.
Just copy the list of URLs (Ctrl-c) and then paste into Firefox's address bar using the special Ctrl-Shift-v command added by the extension, and each one will open in its own tab. Magic!
It doesn't matter if non-URL text is mixed in--it will ignore the "garbage" and only open the URLs--so the titles inserted by Send Tab URLs won't hurt anything. You can even have miles of note text in there, and it won't mind. This means that a quick Ctrl-a (Select All) and then Ctrl-c (copy) will do the trick if you want to open every link in a note.
Score! :-)


If you prefer to use the mouse to get the URL list back into Firefox, there is an extension called URL Lister which will let you paste the list into a box. (Look under the Tools menu.)




(URL Lister is also good for getting Tabs out of Firefox, but it doesn't list their titles, so Send Tab URLs might be preferable for that task.)




Have fun!

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