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Embedded image not displaying

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Since the last upgrade, the image I had embedded in a note is no longer displaying, only a holder space for the image that is indicated to be a jpg file. If I try to annotate, Skitch returns a loading error.

The image is shown in the gallery in the Evernote folder. How do I get it to display in Evernote?

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Hi.  Have you checked this note via a desktop browser and EN Web?  If it's still correct online,  then it's not downloading to your phone correctly.  Clear Evernote's caches and load the note again.  Since pics can be large and require lots of bandwidth,  make sure there's a good wifi connection too..

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I uploaded Images with Evernote Windows Client.

Today I am not able to see those images online (Internet Explorer and Firefox) BUT I do see it on the IPhone app.

I am only able to see text and check lists I created.


I will try it on the Android app once I get to my device.

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