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Main window keeps popping to front (PLEASE HELP)

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The last few days I have been on the road doing presentations in Keynote, while in those presentations after 5-10 min it will boot me out and bring up evernote. I thought it was just keynote but this happened with outlook and iTunes. As i write this post it did it with safari as well, it basically brings the window to the front.


This is getting extremely annoying and I cannot find find a solution. any thoughts?

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I'm actually getting this same issue today all of a sudden. I noticed it started happening when I'd logged into the evernote website in safari. I thought maybe the web app was trying to push me back to the OS based app, but then I closed out of Safari and it keeps happening. (e.g. as I try to type this my mac keeps switching to Evernote on its own; also does this in other apps, word, outlook, etc.)


Seems like something is calling attention to something happening in the Evernote app. It literally looks like I'm command-tab-ing back to Evernote, but I most definitely am not. Haven't noticed any sort of trigger on my end, it happens even if I'm not typing or moving my mouse.


Help! Super annoying! Have to keep Evernote totally closed to prevent right now...


-- Macbook Air, OS X 10.9.5

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EVERNOTE support recommended i delete and re instal. 


Did that, and ran a test presentation and not even 59 seconds in it popped me out my presentation and into evernote. 


Even with mine closed it will pop open. 




-MACBOOK AIR 10.10.2

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ya im dealing with tech support, have sent in a few bug reports now. 


no solution at all. I'm in same boat as it is critical to my workflow now and now it is just messing it up. 


sucks when your doing presentation for work. and you get kicked out your presentation and have be sorry guys one sec and slide back over. 


this needs to be fixed ASAP

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If this is an important, urgent issue for you, you may want to invest the $5 in a one-month Premium account upgrade so you can get full Evernote support, including real-time Support Chat.


See Evernote Chat Support., available business days 7am-7pm US CST. 

(Chat option appears AFTER you click “Continue” on initial “Evernote Support” page.)

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nothing yet, they asked me to instal there version from the website and delete the app store version. this solved nothing. 


I came to the point where iv had to delete it from my mac. and use the web browser version. 


This is extremely disappointing, especially as a premium member. 


Hope a solution is found so I can go back to how things where working in the past. 

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If you have exhausted all other remedies, you can try a clean install of EN Mac (if you have not already done so).

During the removal phase, be sure that you make max use of the application uninstalled to find and remove all traces of Evernote.


Be sure to install the DirectDL ver from Evernote.com.


See How to Completely Remove and Reinstall EN Mac 

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I had this problem, too, with EN "Version 6.0.15 (451807 App Store)"


I discovered a very simple fix, perhaps it will work for you, too.


I had turned off the menu bar helper. When I turned it back on, the problem went away. I noticed this because I was seeing a very fast blip of something in my menu bar every time Evernote came to the front. I stared at the menu bar long enough until I I could see that the blip was actually a microsecond flash of the little elephant.


So I turned the menu bar helper on, and Evernote became polite again, not popping to the front. Then I turned the menu bar helper off again and so far, so good, the problem has not returned.


You can find the setting here:


Evernote > Preferences > General > "Show Evernote Helper in Menu Bar"

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