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Is it possible to create Sub Notebooks inside a main Notebook?


If it is possible, can some please point me in the right direction on a Mac and iOS?


Thanks in advance for your help.


It is not possible.  You can group notebooks into stacks.  But stacks cannot contain notes or other stacks.  There is plenty of discussion on the topic of sub notebooks/nested notebooks vs tags.  Please use the search function, if you'd like more information.

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That's a shame... it would seem like an easy thing to add to the system.


No way for you to know, unless you are intimate with the under-the-hood workings of Evernote & the ramifications across all the platforms Evernote lives on..  As I said, there is already plenty of discussion on the topic.  The recommendation is to rely more upon tags, descriptive titles & keywords. Personally, I find the tags much more flexible that nested notebooks.

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I think Sub Notebooks would be better... if tags was the answer... then why have Notebooks at all... why not just notes.



Like I said...already discussed.  In a nutshell, sharing, for one.  I (and others) have discussed this topic in great detail.  Not much more to add here.  Currently discussed info is already out there. Many users have taken the time to post detailed and lengthy posts about the topic.  It is not necessary to repost in yet one more thread.


Good luck.

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