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Paste into Skitch "Export As:" box



Love Skitch but it recently has refused to allow me to paste in the Export As: box. I've googled every way I can think of for the solution. 


I use Skitch in a macro that grabs 2D cad drawings, (in this case 180 sequential drawings) and have always ID'd them by count, for batch insertion (Automator) into PPT slide shows.


Having the drawings numbered and asking the macro to copy each number in turn, it has always dutifully pasted that number in the "Export As" box before sending it to a folder as, 1.gif, 2.gif …. etc.


With a large number of drawings to convert to gif's with Skitch, without the paste function, it takes several hours to do what has been a matter of half an hour or less with the macro. Incidentally, Skitch won't allow a manual paste now either, Paste being grayed out in the Edit Menu whenever the Skitch window is active.


I'm using it in the same Mac I used before but may have upgraded my OS since the last use. I'm using OS 10.8.5, Mountain Lion and have updated Skitch to 2.7.6.  Oh yeah, I won't be going any higher in Mac OS, even if that would help with this problem.


The iOS thingy has made too many compromising incursions into the 10.9 and later systems and I have NO desire to do any linky, Chatty Cathy stuff. I just want my computer at it's best without the compromises that later OS's have made for the social media crowd. If by now you are wondering my age, it's 75, got a problem with that? :)  


Any tips will be very much appreciated, tia




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