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Evernote Continually Crashing



Hi, I am having an issue with Evernote....just started after the new GUI update came through (not sure the version but the one that looks like iOS8 style).


I am running into a continual cirlce of crashes upon opening Evernote. At first it opens, then crashes immediately. I am offered a chance to send a report and reopen my window. It then tries to reopen and crashes, then wants to send a report again. If I click, "don't reopen" it closes as usual. Then when I try to reopen again, it goes through the same cycle.


My iOS evernote is working fine.


Has anyone else had this issue? If you have any tips please let me know or any support folks please PM me and I can forward you the crash log and perhaps this will tell what's wrong.


Thank you!

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Hi.  User forum here,  so the mods (also users) get around to posts as soon as possible.  It helps us to know what EN client you're using up front - I'm guessing Mac OS - and which version of Evernote you have (at the moment) which could be anywhere from (Mac) 6.0.0 to 6.0.4


There's been a 'bit' of comment in the forums about the updates - a quick search here will give you more details.  Short term,  the best advice is:  update to the latest version you can find and reboot your machine after the update is complete.  If you're still having problems,  check back here for more.  If you're a Premium customer then you can also raise a support request using the link in my signature.

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