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(Archived) Android client 1.1.5 (68164) loses edits


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Creating notes on Android works fine, including using non-ASCII characters. However, I have yet to successfully update a note from the Android client. This is repeatable:

  • Create a new text note with a single tag.
  • Wait for "upload complete".
  • Search for that tag, select created note.
  • Edit note.
  • Hit Save.
  • I am returned to the display of the note, without my updates. No changes are listed on the client or server, though the update time on the note is a minute later than the created time.

I'm using a T-Mobile G1, firmware version 1.6, kernel version 2.6.29-00479-g3c7df37 android-build@apa26 #19, build number DRC83

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After returned to the display of the note, don't edit it again. go back to the note list and your edit will be there. Then, you can edit it again. Hope this is a quick workaround for your case. I guess that there is a refresh problem after save.

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