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Notes stopped appearing in spotlight on mac in the latest version



After the last update (probably skipped a number of versions) I can't search for notes using spotlight anymore on mac. It's really annoying as this is the way I'm opening evernote 90% of the time. What can I do? (apparently none-premium users can't get support anymore, great..)


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I had the same problem a while back.


The solution for me was to uninstall Evernote and reinstall it from the Mac App Store (not from the EN website).



I did try some other things such as forcing Spotlight to reindex, but nothing else worked.



Hope that works for you!


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That's just rude.  What's the situation - what are you missing?

Spotlight searching for notes. I've now had the errand escalated to bug level by Evernote Support. They say a fix should be included in an upcoming minor release. God knows how long that will take, but that's as much as I can do I guess.

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