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[Bug Reporting] Notes are not displayed suddenly, only title can be seen.



Check the pic below.

Only restarting my Mac can solve this problem temporarily.

After a while, same problem is happening continuously.

Evernote is the only thing which can give me the perfect note solution.

Please fix this asap. Thanks. 


If someone who can help me, plz send me a e-mail. 



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It sounds like you are running the Mac AppStore version.  If so, you may want to switch to the Direct Download version.


Even though EN Mac 6.0.3 Mac App Store has been released that is supposed to fix many of the Ver 6.0 issues, it appears that many issues remain.


At this point I have lost confidence in all EN Mac App Store versions, and recommend that users switch to the Direct Download version.  The latest is Evernote Mac v6.0.3.


Many of us have long preferred the Direct Download version as its benefits seem to far outweigh the delays and issues associated with the Mac App Store versions.


Jackolicious (EN Employee), on 07 Dec 2014 - 9:52 PM, said:


Sandboxing (in the Mac App Store) is currently causing some very strange note-loading errors. As far as we can tell, these don't exist in the direct download version. 

The code-base between the two binary types is the same if the version numbers match (currently 6.0.3 is in both direct download and app store).

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@sky40:  Sorry if that isn't working for you -- just trying to be helpful.


If the latest (Ver 6.0.3) version does not fix your issues, here are two more things to try:

  1. Do a clean reinstall.
    1. Could be that remnants of the previous versions are causing issues
    2. See How to Completely Remove and Reinstall EN Mac 
  2. Update to the latest BETA
    1. EN Mac 6.0.4 Beta 2
    2. Warning!  This is a BETA, so I would use this as a last resort only if I'm having serious issues with the current GA released version
    3. Do a FULL BACKUP of your Evernote Folder before updating.
    4. IF you have any Local NBs, export to ENEX before updating

Good luck, and let us know if this works, and if not provide details.


I installed download version just before.


Thanks a lot.


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