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Blank cards



Every card on my MacBook computer version of Evernote is blank.  I have the newest version.  Worked fine till this morning.  Web-based version and hand devices thankfully have all text.  But on my computer every card is blank.  Am I missing something obvious?  Anyone else have this problem?  Thank you.

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Logged out of Evernote and rebooted the machine. Did the trick. Check Help-Activity Log. I was getting these errors:


* The Activity Log may contain information about your account and notes.
* For example, the titles of some of your notes may be mentioned in this log file.
* When providing log information, feel free to edit the file to remove anything
* you do not want to send us.
  Version: Evernote Mac 6.0.3 (451151)
   Locale: en-GB
       OS: 10.10.1
   WebKit: 600.1.25
  WebCore: 600.1.25
 Username: XXXXXX
    Email: XXXXXX
Mac Model: MacBookPro11,3
 CPU Type: Intel
CPU Count: 8
CPU Speed: 2.300000 GHz
      RAM: 16.000000 GB
     Date: 2014-12-10 23:31:20 +0000
2014/12/10 19:54:53:613 E|*** -[ENCommonEditorWebView callJavascriptENMethod:args:] main | Calling EN.execCommand((
)) failed with exception: [<DOMAbstractView 0x618000229620> valueForUndefinedKey:]: this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key EN.
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this remains a problem.  Shouldn't be happening at all. And it's not a one off.  From what I can see it is happening to quite a few people.  It has happened to me about a half dozen times so far.  Restart fixes it - but I shouldn't have to be restarting.

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