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Evernote Presentation Mode (Windows) not displaying edits automatically?


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I've been attempting to integrate the Evernote presentation mode into my meetings on a more regular basis, but I'm still baffled as to why while having my note in presentation mode on a second monitor, as I make edits to the note, that those edits are not automatically appearing in the presentation?


Without edits automatically appearing in presentation mode, the feature is effectively useless in the majority of collaborative situations. I'm back to PowerPoint, which does support this feature.


Can anyone comment whether this behavior will change in the near future? Phil's recent keynote would  suggest that edits do automatically appear in presentation mode?!




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User forum here,  so beyond confirming that you're right - skip to a different note (in Presentation) and return,  and your changes will be there;  but if you edit while presenting a note,  no concurrent changes are visible at the time - we can't comment on why not,  or when.  Evernote generally improves and bug-fixes on a regular basis,  so you should probably expect updates coming soon - but they don't (usually) share when,  so that could be any time....

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