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Evernote 6.0.3/6.0.4b1 prepends (null) when appending in AppleScript

Kevin Mitchell


Opened ticket #865465.


If you execute this AppleScript (which is a very simplified version of a script I use all the time as part of a quick-journaling thing I wrote), then (null) appears above the first text. Didn't happen in 5.5.2:


tell application "Evernote"

set theNote to create note with text "" title "Test note"

append theNote html "<h2>Heading</h2><p>Text</p>"

end tell

You get:
Also happens to show off the block formatting bug.
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Support is giving me ways to fix the scripts so I don't get the (null). I asked them to please fix the program.


The point is that I shouldn't have to fix scripts to work around Evernote bugs.


Evernote is a productivity tool. When it develops random bugs, it really puts a serious roadblock in my productivity.

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