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How to retrieve a local notebook from a backup?



Ok, so I switched from the Mac App Store Version to Evernote’s own Download-Version. After installation, everything synced back fine from Evernote’s servers. However, one thing I hadn’t thought of was that I had carried a local notebook within Evernote, my good old ‚ARCHIVE‘ notebook. Thats the one where all those old notes go which I don’t want to have around any more, but don’t want to delete forever either.

Of course I had ignored the valuable hint to make a separate backup before making the version switch, because I knew that everything was stored in several places, including Evernote’s servers. However, a local notebook of course isn’t stored anywhere in the cloud. I know. I forgot. 100 % my fault. 
So here’s my question: 
I have severaI backups, like TimeMachine, cloud backup and Carbon Copy Cloner. Is there a way to retrieve only this ‚ARCHIVE‘ notebook somehow from one of these a backup and put it back where it was? Without touching all the rest in Evernote, because in the meantime I have of course worked with it quite a bit.
I’d very much appreciate an instruction.
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@icoco_de:  You have a very complicated situation which needs to be carefully evaluated before any action is taken.


I have done a bit of research, and I don't find a good solution to your need.

I think the best thing to do is to engage Evernote Support.  You need to be a Premium account owner to do this.  If you are not, you could temporarily become one for a month for only $5.  Only you can determine if your need is worth that.


The only "quick fix" I can think of is to do the following, and I am NOT at all sure it will work, as I've never done it:

  1. Create a new EN account
  2. Use this account to install Evernote on a different Mac (maybe on the same Mac under a different Mac user)
  3. Use Time Machine to restore your Evernote data inside of the Evernote folder for this account.
  4. Open Evernote in this account, and export your Local Notebooks to ENEX files (one ENEX per NB).  Save the ENEX files to a location available to your main Mac User account
  5. Switch Mac users to your main account
  6. Import the above ENEX files (of your Local NBs) into your main Evernote account.

This is ALL a BIG guess on my part.


Again, I strongly urge you to engage Evernote Support for the best solution.

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Quick update: Evernote Support was quick and helpful. Their advice was similar: Do a few tricks, import old data, export relevant notebook as enex, get back to actual database, import relevant notebook's enex-file. However, I am afraid that I don't have a backup that contains the relevant data. Made just too many backups in the meantime.  So my ARCHIVE notebook seems to have vanished into thin air. 100 % my own fault - as I said. Well, it's not too big a catastrophy ... and again I learned that you never can have enough backups - or archive for that matter. ;)


Thanks again for your assistance, I really appreciate it.

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