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Why are there no menu options in 'shard' links?

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When I clicked a link to a note (  https://www.evernote.com/shard/s43/nl/<bunch of numbers>/ ) from my Task Manager application, the first things that happened:

  • I was  brought to a Web page asking me if I'd like to install the Evernote app( no thanks, I have it, but your note links open Safari and not the app, clicks X to close annoying prompt #1 )
  • An annoying prompt telling me that there were new features and asked me if I'd like a tour ( no thanks, I clicked on the shared note link because, well, I wanted to read the note , clicks X to close annoying prompt #2 ) 

Finally, I was at the linked note in my Safari Web browser. It was an obsolete note , so my first reaction was to look for the garbage can menu item to delete it. 

...no menu items...none


I opened Evernote in another Safari tab and it showed that I was logged in. So, I'm logged into my account, I'm viewing a note in my account, but I can't do anything with it. To delete it, I had to go my other Evernote tab, do a search to find the note that was opened in the 1st tab, and then delete it. Who thought that this was a good idea? Am I missing something, or does the Web app not let you work with linked notes by default? 


If that is the case, can we get that changed? In some cases, I can see notes being read-only ( for users who are viewing another user's notes ), but other than that, I'd think menu items such as 'delete note' should be available by default. 


ok, before I spew too much vitriole, I'll wait to see if someone responds and lets me know that I'm just missing the convenient menu bar in the Web app that I somehow overlooked. 



Computer: Mac Mini running Mac OS 10

Browser: Safari 8

Site: Evernote.com :)

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Hi.  You might want to use a different class of link -


On a Mac press the Alt/ Option key while opening the context menu with a right-click. The context menu entry then changes to something like "Copy traditional note link".

(If this doesn't work,  hold  Alt/ Option before you right-click. You can't change the menu item to a classic link while the drop-down menu is open.)

If you prefer the traditional note link and want a way to cut and paste the traditional link by default,  see this thread in the discussion forums https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/60623-how-can-make-the-classic-link-the-default-way-of-linking/

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