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Suggested feature: "Outward links"

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This is a suggested feature for as many platforms as possible - though I use Android, PC, Web and iOS.  I have not been able to find a thread for this elswhere, but I apologise if I have overlooked one.


My suggestion is for a feature enabling users to create a new note using text in an existing note, so that the new note would be linked back to the existing note, and clicking on the relevant text would take you to the new note (ideally, with an easy way to return to the original note).


At present, you have to create the new note first, then copy the note link and insert that in the note you want to link to.  My suggested feature effectively reverses that feature, so you have a "parent note" from which "children notes" can be created - without leaving the parent note.


The advantages for outlining, mind mapping and similar seem immense.


Is this feasible or fantasy?


 - Justin

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Replying to my own post!


I see the Evernote blog from 21 Oct 2011 refers to "option to create a new linked note with the selected text as the note title" which sounds like what I am looking for, but I don't believe that feature/facility actually exists - please tell me if I am wrong.


 - Justin


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The option you referred to is actually a feature request on the blog page,  so I don't think it was ever available.


I came here some years ago from a Wiki background and one of my first requests was for more functionality in the linking notes area.  I was used to writing text and [embedding new links] with square brackets that I could go back to later to add more detail.  I also use another package where a Ctrl-K on a highlight will create a new note with that name.  I totally endorse the need to make the linking process easier,  quicker and more feature-rich. 

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