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Nested tags in shortcuts sidebar




I'm using nested tags and have included them in the shortcuts sidebar but I'm not able to colapse/expand. According to screenshots I've seen for Windows users, this is standard functionality.  Is this something that can only be done in the Windows version?

I'm also trying to find a way to select multiple options from the shortcuts sidebar. In Windows I guess you accomplish that by holding control key and selecting options but it does not work for Mac.

All you help is appreciated!

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One needs to nest the tags within the tag list, not within the shortcuts list. You may have discovered this already since this reply is 4 months down the line  :P


Also, one is not able to select multiple notebooks via the Ctrl key. You can do so with tags in the tag list, which will show all notes tagged with all of your selected tags... or alternatively show all notes tagged with any of the tags selected by adding "any:" at the end of the selected tag string in the search bar. I know, not the usual order, but it works :-)

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Hello Frank, thank you for your help.

I know that the TAGs can be nested in the tag list. The thing is that I've implemented a GTD methodology in Evernote so I have created @who, @where, etc tags and nested in them the specific items (example @where has nested tags Home, Work, Errands). I would like to use the shortcuts list to see the @where tag and be able to expand/collapse that tag to show/hide the Home, Work, Errands tags.

This functionality exists for the windows version.

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I think we're getting confused with terminology here... I suspect when you say "shortcuts list", you are really taking about the "left panel", which is divided into notebook, tag, shortcuts section, etc. The shortcuts section in the Left Panel does not allow for nesting on any of the clients. The difficulty you are experiencing is that perhaps you haven't figured out how to expand the tag list within the left panel itself.


There are 2 different tag lists: 

  • A tag list you can expand in the Left Panel
  • The tag list that you get by clicking on the tag icon/ button, which opens up a tag panel, replacing the note list and note panel.

I think you're looking to expand the tag list in the Left Panel itself, which is where you can nest tags. On Windows one would simply click on the dropdown arrow... however, to expand the tag list in the Left Panel on Mac, you will need to hit Command + click on the tag button, which will give you the option to hide or show the list:




Select "Show Tag List"... and this will expand your tag list in the Left Panel, where you can nest tags and expand/collapse hierarchies.

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Have you tried holding down the Command button and clicking on multiple tags?


Selecting multiple tags will give you notes that are tagged with all of the tags selected. If you want to filter for any notes that are tagged with any of the tags selected... select multiple tags and in the search bar, after the string of tags selected, use the operator "any:". Normally it would go at the beginning of a string of tags if you were using the search syntax... but it works just as well if placed at the end, which is the only place you can put it if you've selected multiple tags from the tag list. 


Remember that you can also drag any resulting search (as a saved search) to your shortcuts list...

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