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Linking Evernote files on my computer



I am using Concept Draw as a project management tool, I use both the mandamus and the Gantt chart options .  I am using Evernote to keep quotes and drawings in. I use Evernote as it syncs across all my devices. Before the last upgrade if I clicked on a note and and then "Copy note link" it gave me the link to the note which I could then copy into Concept Draw and when I needed the note I just clicked the hyperlink. In the new version of Evernote it still does the "Copy note Link" but it only copies the link to the note in the cloud. This gives me a problem as when out in the field in remote places I often do not have internet access so the hyperlink won't work.


I can open Evernote and search for the note which is what I am doing now, but it is time consuming and irritating.


Is there anyway to link the to the file on my computer rather than the file in the cloud?


Also on local notebooks the link does not work at all.

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On a Mac press the Alt/ Option key while opening the context menu with a right-click. The context menu entry then changes to something like "Copy traditional note link".

(If this doesn't work,  hold  Alt/ Option before you right-click. You can't change the menu item to a classic link while the drop-down menu is open.)

If you prefer the traditional note link and want a way to cut and paste the traditional link by default,  see this thread in the discussion forums https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/60623-how-can-make-the-classic-link-the-default-way-of-linking/

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@Ideaman:  By "file" I assume you mean "Note".


When you right-click on a Note in the Note list view, and select "Copy Note Link", it copies two links to the clipboard:

  1. The Classic Link (internal link)
  2. The Global Link (external)

If you paste into another Note it pastes the Classic Link using the Note Title.

If you paste into another app, it pastes the Global link without any title.


If you always want the Classic link, you can hold down the OPTION key when doing the right-click, or you can use this AppleScript:

AppleScript to Copy EN Note Link (Classic) to Clipboard as RTF (Click-able link)


The benefit of the AppleScript is that it pastes the link as a hyperlink, with the visible text being the Note Title when pasting into another app.


Is there anyway to link the to the file on my computer rather than the file in the cloud?


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