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Attn: EVERNOTE STAFF - Please Help!

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First, apologies if starting a 2nd thread about this upsets anyone. I ask that anyone who is not EN staff, to please not delete or merge this with my thread from last week. (The one where I was asking where to send new users, or those needing a reinstall, for direct downloads.)

Attention EN Staff: Please help...

After just now seeing JMichael's comment to another user recommending they do a direct download from Evernote.com for their Mac, I went back to check, again, how to get direct downloads for what I personally use - Windows and Android.

According to JMichael - if I understand correctly - you can still obtain a direct download of each app. But, rather than go to the page in the KB that one used to go to for all the clients - where chose the app that matched your device(s), clicked on them and proceeded with "direct from Evernote" downloads - you now just need to ensure you're on the device you need to for any particular matching app and click Download.

Of course you always did need to be using the device that matched the app needed, but now I still cannot find a way to get a direct download for my Android. It doesn't matter where I try to access it from on the Evernote.com site, I keep getting automatically redirected to Google Play, which, of course, shows that I already have it installed!

Here's my two problems:

First is the Android app. I need to - as soon as possible - wipe my current android phone and switch to a replacement one. (Mine had a piece break off and if I don't switch to the replacement they sent me and return the broken one, asap, or I will be charged $600!)

Second, is my Windows PC. I need to try wiping EN on that machine as well, to get rid of an annoying 3rd party app I originally got through the EN App Centre in late 2013. As per another of my recent threads, the developer is long gone and their site has long since shut down. (The app, in case you care, is Solowords. You really should take it out of the App Centre.)

I am about 99% sure I did direct from Evernote downloads on both my PC and my phone, and would like to do so again with the new phone and the reinstall on my Windows PC. I haven't yet even tried looking while on my computer to see whether your site will automatically redirect me to a 3rd party location or not. Why? Because:

A) As I've stated a few times on the forum, I do the bulk of my computing from my phone for health related reasons, and,

B) I want to know exactly where I can expect my computer is going to be directed to for the download. Call me paranoid, but the android phone still had an active replacement insurance policy on it; my 2009 laptop has no such coverage

I can NOT afford to risk any kind of trojan horse virus or malware to squeak past my Bitfender security software before I have a chance to stop it. Been there and done that with two previous, popular and supposedly reliable anti-virus software programs. Three trips to the repair guy and several hundred dollars later for the repairs and the purchase of Bitfender, I AM paranoid. If the computer goes now, I won't be able to have it fixed or replaced.

So PLEASE, would one of you kind Evernote employees please chime in and explain exactly where to find the direct downloads for Android and Windows Desktop can be found?

Also, knowing where to find the direct downloads for all the EN Client Apps would be really useful for directing other users who are new or need a reinstall for whatever reason.


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Hi WG,  sorry you're having a bit of an interesting time over this..  I know I'm not an EN employee,  but I've been around a bit with EN and IT generally so maybe my comments may help..


As to Evernote Windows,  5.7.2 was announced here > https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/76664-evernote-for-windows-572-available/ with a direct download link here > http://cdn1.evernote.com/win5/public/Evernote_5.7.2.5753.exe which is clearly in Evernote space,  so should be reliable - though BitDefender is a pretty good AV tool,  and should be an adequate defence against any incursion.  (I'll declare an interest - I wrote a help manual for their product on a different helpline a while back.)


The way to be sure with downloaded files is to right-click the file and choose "Scan with <AV product of your choice>" before you install - that's a belt-and-braces check that something wicked this way doesn't come.


And on Android - I've had the experience of changing phones and Play telling me "this application is already installed" - I just clicked 'install' anyway and Play said "OK" and got on with it.  Or - you could uninstall the EN app from your old Android (don't delete any notes!!!),  and install it on the new - remember a mobile doesn't have any offline files unless you told it to,  and they're downloads from the server anyway.  You just need to sync your old Android one last time to make sure all your notes have been uploaded.  Once uninstalled,  Play should be quite happy to install it again - on the new phone..


Hope that helps.



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@Wordsgood:  Sorry, but I'm not an Evernote employee.  Maybe one will come along and address your concerns.


Until then, in a nutshell, here is my understanding about direct downloads:

  1. Direct downloads (from Evernote.com) are available ONLY for EN Win and EN Mac
  2. All Evernote apps for mobile devices must be downloaded from the official app store for that device

You can see this if you go to:  https://evernote.com/products/


If you are on a Mac, you will see "Get Evernote for Mac".

If you are on a PC, you will see "Get Evernote for Windows"

If you are on a mobile or tablet device, you will see "Download Evernote" which takes you to the appropriate App Store.


Now, I don't use an Android device, so if EN Android doesn't work this way, I'm sure some big time Android user will jump in here and correct me.  But based on what I see at Evernote.com, and from my research, it certainly appears that you can only get EN Android from the Google Play store.


So I would definitely think it is safe to goto Evernote.com in the browser on your NEW Android phone, and click on the "Download Evernote" link which takes you to the Google Play store.  Or just go to Google Play app on your phone.


P.S.  I apologize if I posted anything in the other threads you mentioned that was confusing.

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Ah, it seems then that I am the one in error. I guess I was 100% right abot Window, but 99% wrong about Android! Sooo....

@Gazumped, thank you for the reassurance. You I trust, and knowing you wrote a manual for Bitfender however long ago gives me more confidence in their product. And yes, I always run every program through it that I download from anywhere.

Now that I know I can still get a direct download for my laptop, I feel a lot more comfortable!

@JMichael, no you said nothing that confused me, so no worries on that score. (I confused myself!) I was mistakenly under the impression that all the client apps - mobile and destop - that used to be listed on the one page in the KB were direct from Evernote downloads. I must not have paid that close of attention the 1st time I downloaded it onto my droid phone, since it obviously did take me through Google Play!

In closing, thank you Gents, for clarifying things for me. It is greatly appreciated!

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