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Links between notes

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I'm going to describe a feature that I'd like to see in Evernote. If anyone else thinks this idea would be useful, please jump in.


The Story:

  • As an Evernote user, I'd like the ability to create links between notes, so that I can work with other Evernote managed content more efficiently. 

Acceptance Criteria:

  1. A user can select any content in a note to add a link (just like with web links today)
  2. When adding a link, the user can chose if the link is a standard web link or a link to another note within Evernote
  3. When a link to another Evernote item is clicked, the user would jump to that note. 
  4. The links should work across Evernote platforms (IE- I could create the link from my Mac or PC, but then follow the link from a mobile device)

Note: if the links worked across notebooks, that would be nice, but if they could only work within the same notebook then it would solve 95% of my link needs. 


Here's a few examples of how I might use that new feature

  1. I'm interviewing candidates for a position, and taking notes in Evernote. I want to link my notes to the candidates resume, which is already in a different note. How about a simple hyperlink?
  2. I might be taking meeting minutes in a shared notebook. In that meeting we might make a decision based on an existing policy, which conveniently is already described in a different Evernote note. So in my meeting minutes I would simply create a link to that other note. 
  3. I keep all my sheet music in Evernote, but for a given performance I only need 8 pieces of sheet music. To create a handy reference for practicing, I might create a 'Table of Contents' note for that concert, which contains only links to those other notes with actual content. 

And many more, etc...


Thanks for considering implementing this feature. 



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