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I cannot edit note contents. I click on note and cannot bring up text box any more



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I have this same problem.  I just an hour ago updated and it now is version 6.0.3


Click New Note.  The note is outlined in blue in the left column notes listing area.  I can edit tags.

No amount of double clicking in the window edit area allows me to add content.

After SEVERAL MINUTES of clicking and waiting, A title box I can edit appears (no longer the large size it was).

Then after carefully clicking madly below the title, a single line text entry appears that I can edit.  This will auto resize.

Attempting to edit EXISTING notes has the SAME PROBLEM



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@TEdday:  Sounds like you are running the Evernote Mac App Store version.

 Even though EN Mac 6.0.3 Mac App Store has been released that is supposed to fix many of the Ver 6.0 issues, it appears that many issues remain.


At this point I have lost confidence in all EN Mac App Store versions, and recommend that users switch to the Direct Download version.  The latest is Evernote Mac v6.0.3.


Many of us have long preferred the Direct Download version as its benefits seem to far outweigh the delays and issues associated with the Mac App Store versions.


Jackolicious, on 07 Dec 2014 - 9:52 PM, said:


Sandboxing (in the Mac App Store) is currently causing some very strange note-loading errors. As far as we can tell, these don't exist in the direct download version. 

The code-base between the two binary types is the same if the version numbers match (currently 6.0.3 is in both direct download and app store).




For some reason I cannot edit notes any more on my mac. I even double-click to bring note into own window.  I can only change the tags of a note, but cannot edit or add text to them. All text options are gone. Please help.

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