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Renewal of Evernote Premium via iTunes broken



Hello everyone,


I recently renewed my Evernote premium subscription via iTunes, however, it is still not reflected in either the Evernote mac app or the web version. I am basically not able to use premium features. I already submitted a ticket for this to Evernote but since I am downgraded to a free account while this is pending, I haven't gotten a response from Evernote yet (since December 5th). This is frustrating as it is really affecting my workflow. I could not find a phone # to reach Evernote customer service but a few people suggested posting the ticket # to the forum. So in case a customer service representative is reading this post, the ticket number is 857314. 



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Hi, I was wondering if you got a reply from Evernote? I have the same issue, and no reply from Evernote support  :excl:


My credit card was charged 5 days ago and my account was downgraded after the payment.


I already tried to get my payment back through iTunes but they suggested re-installing the app, which didn't work.


I don't know which other door to knock on, meanwhile I'm paying for a premium account while being downgraded to a free account.


It's frustrating because I use the premium features at my job and now it's costing me so much time and energy (apart from the money!)  :(

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