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Problems with Sync, Tags and spreadsheets disappearing along with parts of notes.


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Since the new version, we are having all types of problems.  We attach a spreadsheet to the note, make changes in the spreadsheet save it, sync and POOF the spreadsheet is gone.  We can not add tags in shared notebooks, even tho we have a note with all the tags in the notebook.  Shared notes not syncing all of them.  Also, parts of notes have completely disappeared.

Anyone have an idea for the spreadsheets or the partially disappearing notes?



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Hi.  It's not -fortunately- a normal experience to have Evernote Windows notes or attachments take a hike.  What version of Evernote are you now using? 


As a first fix I'd suggest exiting the app,  backing up your database,  exporting any local notebooks or unsynced files to ENEX and uninstall / restart / reinstalling the software.


If that doesn't work you may want to rename the database folder and rebuild it from the server,  but beware this takes time.


Shared folders and tags do cause problems - signing out of and back into the app will sometimes force a refresh.  If you're premium users though it's also worth submitting a support ticket (see below) to get additional help from Evernote.

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