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Is the "All Notes" button removed from the latest version on Mac?

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Well, if you click the "Notes" item in the sidebar it will show all notes in a single click. It's just a bit to the left of where you're clicking ;-)


Or a little bit to the right on "<Life>" will open the list of notebooks including an entry "All Notebooks".

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Thanks all for replying! I knew these two workarounds, but they're not as convenient as before. Previously after doing a scoped search, I could return to all notes just by two continuous clicks, first on the "Clear" button and then on the "All Notes" button. They are placed at the same place. I could return to all notes in 1 second. And now, it's at least 4 second... As I have so many notes, I cannot accept this overhead.

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Sooo convenient. The space is right there. It's in the place where one goes to choose specific notebooks. There are many reasons to have it and no reasons not to have it. A mysterious choice by Evernote.

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