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Title Abstractors/Searchers

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Just wondering if anyone has any experience using Evernote as a title abstractor/searcher?  


I have been tinkering with Evernote and Onenote for the past year in an attempt to become paperless.  I started using a blend of GTD systems and filing system in EN based on file names and tags, this became overwhelming about the time our office went to Office365.  I found Onenote allowed easier table creation (running adverse and creating forms) and tagging within the notes. The problem here was that I found myself digitizing more and producing less. So fast forward a few months and I am using EN to collect hand written notes, reports, and whatever else imported from a Onedrive folder.   Even though I love my gadgets (ipad, laptop, scanner, phone, etc.) I really just need a intelligent place to store my work for later access.  


Well anyway that's my take, what's yours?

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