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If you are a premium user, there is a chance that you might be able to recover them from the "note history" This can be found in the Note Information pane which can be accessed by clicking on the encircled "i" in the note edit window (alternatively, cmd-shift-i on Mac, something similar on Windows). However, note history is not terribly helpful as it really only snaps a change about once a day. You might be lucky though.


If note history hasn't captured it, or you are not a premium user, you might be out of luck. 

Please let us know what device and version of Evernote you are using (and what other devices and versions you have access to), and we might be able to give you more assistance. 

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Have a look at Evernote Web via Evernote.com.  If you have any more information there,  don't let your Nexus sync until you've copied it elsewhere.  If there is no information online,  then your last best hope would be to upgrade to Premium in and check the note history to see whether an earlier version has been saved.  It's most unlikely though,  since it seems that your note details were never uploaded and have been lost from temporary storage on the Nexus.

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