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safari Using Web Clipper

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I'm new to Evernote and trying to feel my way around.  YT doesn't have much current hits that show how to use Web Clipper. I see the evernote icon on the top of my mac, but I only see the option of clip full page (aka screen shot) or being able to customize an area on my computer.


One of the YT clips showed the option of being able to clip the entire page beyond the "fold" and the tool of being able to clip the simple article vs. all extra content such as ads.  Is this feature available?


Also, I've downloaded the evernote.com/webclipper extension but to no avail.  

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Hi Thirdum,

The clipper you refer to is part of the desktop application and is typically referred to as 'quicknote'. So the 'real' Web Clipper is always a browser extension that you need to install for your browser(s). 

Get it here: www.evernote.com/webclipper and visit the guide page for a good tutorial. 


Hope it helps. 

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