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Evermail by Chungwasoft -- are you using it and is it safe?


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Chungwasoft has released a production version of "Evermail" http://www.chungwasoft.com/evermail/  which appears to solve a long standing frustration I have of getting emails from my mac email client into Evernote while maintaining a link back to the email.  Are you using it?  If so, does it work?  Do you think it is secure and why do you think it's secure?

My security concern is if I'm moving an email to Evernote from mac mail via Evermail, how do I know a copy isn't going off to the NSA and a server in the People's Republic of China?


Yes, I know I can forward an email to Evernote, but that doesn't maintain a link back and it requires an internet connection when you do it which I don't always have available when I'm working offline.


And yes, I know Postbox does this reasonably well but after a year of using Postbox I had other problems with it and went back to mac mail.


And yes, I know Veritrope has a script you can run but it's a kluge as well.


About once a quarter I go looking for a solution secretly hoping Evernote has tackled this but they never do.   Evermail is the first solution I've found in 18 months of looking...



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Anything that is sent unencrypted via the internet can potentially fall into the hands of the NSA. The NSA does not even have to go via Chungwasoft in this case. If the NSA have targetted you, your mails will definitely end up with the NSA, as has been shown & proven many times since the Snowden revelations.

As for Evernote themselves, they will always comply with whatever official requests they get from government agencies.

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