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Conflicting Changes - Need Resolution and Recovery on Android Device

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I have been working on a long and complex List of TO DOs on both my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and my MacBook Pro. I also had a slightly different name for a previous version of this note.  I didn't realize I had to sync each device after making changes. Today my list shows up on the MacBook as "Conflicting Changes" and it lists the title of the original note, which I may have deleted, but has saved the note -- but only on the MacBook.  It is NOWHERE to be found on my Galaxy Note 4.  I have tried syncing. I have read everything your staff has written about the subject that I could find, and have two comments:  (1) Although I'm highly educated and intelligent, I found your explanation indecipherable, and  (2) I did not find an explanation anywhere as to how to recover the Note on my Galaxy Note 4.  Please help, as the whole reason I got Evernote was to be able to work on it from both sites, as well as remotely when I'm away from my computer . . .


Thank you!

Carolyn Long (BizTalk)

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Well,  I'd strongly recommend that you sync both before and after you create or edit any content on any device.  If the note on your Macbook is in 'conflicting changes',  move it to the correct notebook  and sync,  and you'll be able to see it on the Note 4.

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Thank you, Gazumped, for your response.  I fooled around with it on the Mac for a while, and was able to isolate the "conflicted" version into one note, and my good list into another, and delete the conflicted version. Then I was able to put the good one into a new notebook, and it synched with my Note 4.  It's good to know you are there and so responsive!


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