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I have been experiencing this new display style for desktops in a number of different venues.  And, I'm getting tired of it.


For me, Evernote is all about information and data.  It is not some Sunday newspaper 'magazine' section.  I read that this 'style' is a "best practices" for web site design.  Bah!!!  What I smell in all this change is not improved data presentation or access but several very different perceived markets.  There is the 'fashion', 'trend', 'best practices' and 'meme' styles of consumer marketing which evidently believe that product *must* be changed in order to drive sales.  There is the 'one size fits all' approach to internet display design which seems to think that a web interface must be scaleable amongst all the many devices available.  And, there is the resource market:  the programmers available to hire whose experience arises from tablets and small laptops.  I think all of these are not good for a company which wants to embrace the needs of people who want to aggregate information, for whatever purpose.


I believe that a proper strategy for Evernote would be that all users to have the option of using either the 'classic' or the 'gee-whiz' web interface.  Those of us that read, research, collate, aggregate and write on a desktop or laptop might continue with Evernote.


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Yes, the beta UX is total garbage for a productivity tool - and I know garbage when I see it.


Evernote look like they're about to do a Windows 8 kamikaze move here where they ignore the *wall* of negative community feedback telling them to stop, myopically pushing on with their we-know-best attitude, and then be 'surprised' when users consequently desert them en masse...



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