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Rate limits - best usage of API for my use case

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Hi there,


Consider the following: I call noteStore.GetNote() and if I immediately need the resources as well, I just set the withResourceData parameter to TRUE. However, I only need the image resources as those will be displayed immediately when the user opens a note in my app. Other resources, like pfds and docs, are better requested when the user explicitly wants this file, by clicking a link (or other visual element) in the note in my app. So, when I call noteStore.GetNote() I set the withResourceData parameter to FALSE and just call the noteStore.getResource() method for each (image) resource I actually need when serving the note, and subsequently perhaps other resources of other mime types as per the users' request.


The problem with this approach is that the rate limit for requesting individual resources gets in sight pretty quickly as the Evernote servers judge this approach as "inefficient" use of the api, according to the docs - understandably, as the less intensive route would be to just set the withResourceData parameter to TRUE when getting the note. However, that leaves my app with a few of resources it needs right away, and a couple (or many) it does not/might need and which are better serves to my user as per their request, using the noteStore.getResouce() method.


To get all resources immediately when getting the note is, from my app's and user's perspective a very inefficient way of going about, and I would like to know what would be the best approach in solving this using the current api.


I very much would like the advice of a Evernote employee in this matter, or anyone who has solved this in a creative manner. Also, if their is a part of the API i am missing which solves this, I will happily invite you to my home where you can lecture me on the importance of reading the documentation properly :-).




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