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Bullet point spacing is inconsistent with other Evernote clients



As of Evernote 6, bullet spacing has changed and is inconsistent between Evernote clients. This means that if a user formats a note how they want on one client, it will look wrong on other clients and vice versa.


The attached screenshot illustrates the problem.



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The different apps use different OS's and tech to try to achieve a common(ish) goal,  though the app teams are separate and (I believe) tasked with getting the best features and performance possible out of their specific device without paying too much / any attention to other teams.  Not sure whether it will ever be possible to see the same display no matter what device you're using - although if you print your text to a PDF file and attach that to a note it will be exactly duplicated in all displays,  since it was designed to do exactly that.

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Not sure whether it will ever be possible to see the same display no matter what device you're using


Until 5.6.2, notes displayed identically on all 3 of the clients listed above. This is a recent functionality change after literally years of consistent formatting between platforms.


Also, there is a world of difference between underlying text formatting code -- which should be shared and standardized -- and platform-specific features.

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That may be because one of the major features of the new Mac app is a rewritten and much-improved (says Evernote) editor,  which isn't yet shared on iOS.  Different teams,  different schedules.. 

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much-improved (says Evernote) editor


The only two changes I've noticed are:


1. Bullet formatting has changed, which retroactively makes over 4 years of my notes suddenly look different than I formatted them to look.

2. The font panel that's brought up with Cmd+T has fewer options, meaning that making something strikethrough now means wading two levels into the Formatting menu.


Neither is an improvement.


As for different schedules and not sharing, again, while that may be the reason it doesn't justify the inconsistencies. Even if they merge it with iOS, what about Web? Windows? Consistency of the actual content of notes, be that bullet lists or any other type of formatting, should be an important goal for the software, not something that is casually changed w/o alerting longtime paying customers or responding to their feedback.

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