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Note Contents Dissapear Even After Update to 6.0.3



I updated to 6.0.3., however, this has not fixed the issue of notes contents disappearing and therefore not editable. Rebooting the Mac restores the notes.

This makes Evernote totally unusable as I can't get access to my notes or add new ones, without rebooting each time.

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My MAC did an auto update to 6.03, now my evernote program does not display notes,


the web based displays but the new interface blows, why are my reminders sorted in each folder then by date...useless, who thinks of this ? do they use it ?


I am upgrading my MAC to Yosemite to see if it corrects....I hope I like Yosemite


Frustrating, when you pay to be premium, and then the people justifying a paycheque feel the need to do updates, because ?

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I'm a super low-tech Evernote user, but I noticed this same problem. I finally realized that if you wait a full minute, that's right - 60 seconds, the contents of the note will suddenly appear. I know that's not a solution, but it was a relief to discover that I hadn't lost all my notes. Also, after first thinking that a note I'd written yesterday had mysteriously disappeared, I deleted it! But then read from another person on this site that you can retrieve accidental deletions by going to your notebooks tab and scrolling all the way to the bottom. There you'll find a "notebook" entitled "Trash". Open it and you'll see everything you've deleted, and you can then restore the note to its original notebook. What a relief! 


I hope the Evernote gurus are reading these issues that people post so they can fix the seeming disappearance of users' notes!

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OK, I have done the Mac upgrade to Yosemite, the Evernote program now displays the notes, quickly.....what if you couldn't upgrade your OS ?


The web based Evernote is a shame.....reminders need to be listed solely in date order, they are reminders or items requiring follow up and do not need to be listed for each notebook.

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The latest version (6.0.3) does not solve the problem. One could wait forever, and the note contents would still note show up until one reboots. And, then it starts again. Useless like this. This is an S1 P1 level bug in my view. i'm using latest version of OS X Yosemite 10.10.1.

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