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Adding swipes tag automatically

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I'm trying out swipes, which has a great feature to pull in any uncompleted todos from evernote notes, automatically if they have a swipes tag in evernote, and compile them into a task list.  I'd like to automatically set evernote to add a swipes tag to all new notes created.  I could do it manually each time, but I forget and then the tasks don't come up on my task list.  



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Not AFAIK - only option I can think of would be to have a 'template' set up with the correct tag(s) and copy that to create a new note.  That's probably more trouble than trying to remember to add the tag...

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Hi - not sure if this is great forum etiquette, but I have a question somewhat related to to this.  It seems clear (to me) that evernote tags - other than "swipes" which is special - should define workspaces in swipes so I can organise my actions under themes.  However the only way I have found to add workspaces is by adding workspace 'tags' to swipe 'tasks'.  This seems bizarre - I am having to duplicate something already done in evernote, and now on a touch screen!. I must have missed something - it can't be this hard!  Android and Windows. I asked support but Yoda ate their answer (honest! see snip attached).  Thanks.


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Hi.  Since Evernote was already a mature(ish) app when Swipes designed their software around notes and tags,  I don't think it's too surprising that Evernote didn't design their tags to follow Swipes's systems. 

If you'd like to be able to automate the processing of notes in Swipes I'd think their helpline would be the first port of call,  followed by any third-party software like text expanders (assign tags with a keystroke) or IFTTT - http://support.swipesapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/203019551-IFTTT-recipes-for-Swipes-app

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Hey - thanks for that!  You are right, this is a swipes question, not EN.  I'm just baffled as to how swipes gets all its plaudits and following, without auto-importing tags... I need to organise my tasks under categories, not on a timeline.  Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.  At least I know I can safely uninstall swipes now, and maybe go to trello - if EN just allowed me to reorganise checkbox-lists with drag-and-drop.... but I know, it's not a 'task manager', it's great as it is, no mission creep allowed.  Sigh.

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