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Very upsad and disappointed to Ver 6.0 as a Premium User



To me, the 'email sharing' function is very important because different notes I have to email to different people.

However, the 'Share' button at the right hand top corner no longer have the 'email' option. Evertime I have to select the menu (Note/More Sharing/Email Note).

It is very inconvenience to me.

Can EVERnote team try add back the button and make a hotkey??


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I 150% agree. I reverted to version 5.7.1 due to this issue as well as the new aesthetic that I personally found painful to look at. It's clear they are trying to push us towards communicating with their Work Chat feature, but most people I email notes to do NOT have Evernote, so I have no need for this functionality. Its frustrating to add unnecessary steps to this feature that has always been there. Also, didn't the UI use to be customizable? You used to be able to adjust the buttons that appear on the toolbar, but that option seems to be gone.


I'm really disappointed with this turn of events and I'm hoping they were missteps that will be fixed, and not a new trend of Evernote pushing us to use their product in the way they think we should. 

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I 151% agree.  I (used to) forward emails to non-Evernote colleagues all the time.  Now what was once easy is inconvenient.


This seems to be a case of a company putting it's interests (force company's awkward social sharing feature) ahead of it's clients interests (hiding user's easy, previously functioning email feature).  


If their goal is to put their customers first, I can't think of a reason why they would not simply move or add the "Email note…" link to the "Share" button menu.


Not cool.

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