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Why don't basic HTML list items <li> paste properly into Evernote 6.0.3

Carolyn V


When I first upgraded to 6.0, I had the disappearing note (untitled) issue. I worked through that. 


Then I had some formatting issues and Marcus (employee) said that the new version could only handle certain forms of input. I bought that for a bit, but one of my key sources is a major web site (bonappetit.com). I finally had time to view source on a recipe and the HTML that won't paste properly is a simple list: 


<li>   <span class="ingredient">   <span class="quantity">8</span>   <span class="unit">slices</span>   <span class="name" itemprop="ingredients">½”-thick Pullman bread</span>   </span>   </li>   <li>   <span class="ingredient">   <span class="quantity">8</span>   <span class="unit">ounces</span>   <span class="name" itemprop="ingredients">Fontina cheese, thinly sliced</span>   </span>  



This is not rocket science. Why can Evernote not ingest this properly. http://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/prosciutto-watercress-and-fontina-toasties (Excellent recipe, BTW. Highly recommend it.)


Here's the page I was on, but any recipe from the same site will do... 


i don't get it. 



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