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Where to direct people to download the various EN App now?

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I was just about to chime into a a vaguely worded post asking for help from a new forum member. Cishilling did direct him or her to where to find the Getting Started Guides, so that's a great starting point. But this users post is so vaguely worded it isn't clear if they have already downloaded the appropriate app for whatever client(s) they are using, as that wasn't stated. Nor was it clear if they understood this is a User Forum, what that means and how it's different from the company site.

I went looking at the KB and the Apps for each Client no longer seem to be linked to the device listing on the KB's Homepage. Nor could I locate a single page anywhere on Evernote.com listing direct download links for each client. What I did find were various pages listing links for where to download specific client apps and it appears that for Mac, IOS and iPad you know have to go through itunes and for the rest you must go through Google Play. I'm referring to the initial downloads for first time users or those who need to do a reinstall, not the updates, which as an Android and Windows user I regularly get from Google Play.

But when I first installed EN on an Android tablet, Android phone and a Windows 7 PC, I downloaded them directly from Evernote.com. And I've been directing people to the KB page where you could choose the appropriate apps for newcomers and those needing to do a reinstall, to do a direct from Evernote download by clicking on the appropriate one(s) from a listing in the KB ever since.

Am I missing something here or is there no longer a listing anywhere on Evernote.com showing all the EN Apps available for direct download? Have they been scattered around the site following some logic I'm missing? Or has my perrenial lack of sleep just making me miss the obvious and I'm having a major Facepalm moment? (If so, someone just shoot me. Please.)


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Evernote has apparently removed the page where you could select the platform and corresponding download.

Now, you have be using the device you want the app for, and just go to Evernote.com.  There is a "Download" button at the top right corner.

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ALL iOS EN clients are available ONLY from the iTunes iOS Store.  This is how it has always been.  Apple does NOT permit apps from any other source.


I don't understand your comment about the Mac app store.

When I goto Evernote.com from my Mac, the Download button provides the Direct Download link, NOT the Apple Mac Store link.



Thanks JMichael. Good to know I'm not losing my mind!

Just tried again and it's still taking me directly to Google Play. Haven't reloaded my PC version yet, but I wonder which vendor I'll be ditected to for that? Microsoft maybe?

The Mac and iPad folks seem to be getting directed to the iTunes Store. It seems very odd as I was under the impression "direct from the company downloads" were safer and more dependable. Sigh, I hope a staffer chimes in and clarifies.

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